Year of the Water Snake Strikes! Yikes!

My favorite bucket-list dream...

My favorite bucket-list dream…

I’m told the 2013 Year of the Water Snake brims with promise.  All things are possible say the wise men.  Great!  But wait , there’s more.  These same Chinese soothsayers say it’s also a year to be thrifty…They clearly saw that fiscal cliff coming.

My take on all this is to bucket-list dream on a budget this year…So here’s a tip: visualize.

I’m a big proponent of visualization ever since my son was taught it as an adjunct to his successful cancer treatments many years ago.  As a result, among other things, I’ve been visualizing my Out of the Box book becoming a screenplay – though I have zilch experience in that arena.  Then recently,  I serendipitously met an Ohio TV host, who knew a movie guy, who knew a young but proven screenwriter.  Long story short, it’s happening. No idea where it will go, but …. Yikes!

Thrifty bucket-list dreaming.  Checkmark.