Little Things

IMG_1986Years ago I wrote a newspaper column called Little Things, and it was all about the little things that mattered in life to a young mother….I came upon one the other day and realized that twenty five years later a lot of the things that mattered most then, still matter greatly to me today for different reasons.  I’m not running around after a one year old anymore, but I’m still running around, in pursuit of other dreams now.

My top Little Things that remain ageless in importance:

Enjoying good music and art with friends – or alone.

Walking in nature and paying close attention to birds, heaven’s messengers.

Never taking loved ones for granted, as years and opportunities pass quickly.

Kids (and grandkids) trump housecleaning every time.

Riding a horse through the woods is my definition of magical…what’s yours?  Be sure to do it.

I know God presents me with opportunities all the time, but I fear I’m often too busy to notice.   I still work on keeping eyes, ears and heart open to the wonders.

A good book transports and transforms me.

I still think like a kid…at times.

…and yes, the little things in life really do matter, even more than when I was younger.  Blessings all.