When Billy Went Bald

Billy is 5 years old.  He is bald.


Some of the other kindergarteners tease Billy because he has no hair. But there’s a special reason that Billy is bald—he has cancer.


Billy’s doctor knows how he can make him better, but first he has to have an operation to take the cancer out. Then Billy has chemotherapy, and that medicine is what makes him lose his hair. It’s not fun, but he needs it to get better.


Billy’s teacher helps the other children understand that just because he is bald on the outside doesn’t mean that he is any different on the inside. Soon Billy is playing soccer and running from the girls on the playground.  Billy is better!

“Julie Morse captured the children’s attention with her beautiful story, fun illustrations and her lovely manner. Julie really hit the mark!”

-Carol A. Rogers, Early Childhood Center Director, East Woods School


“When Billy Went Bald” is a children’s book about a boy who has cancer. It is cheerful, upbeat, honest, and factual. The author writes from her experience as a parent of a boy who survived his childhood cancer diagnosis and treatment. “When Billy Went Bald” encourages children to look beyond surface differences and find a compassionate way to reach understanding and acceptance of others who may be suffering. “When Billy Went Bald” is an exceptional contribution to the field of children’s health and education.

-Midwest Book Review

Julie, Kristin and Greg (the inspiration for Billy)

Greg’s fifth birthday

Greg and Kristin as children


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