Out of the Box:

The Mostly True Story of a Mysterious Man

 “The book captures a charming, exciting personality in Bob… Forays to the Middle East, across Russia on the Trans Siberian Express railroads and up Mt. Everest read like the greatest of adventures.” –Kirkus Reviews


Young Julianna was different from the other kids. She suffered from a strange form of arthritis that sometimes left her hurting and bedridden for days a time. But she never let it stop her from living life to the fullest – thanks largely to the secret weapon she had in her Uncle Bob.

When she was little, Uncle Bob filled Julianna’s head with positive thoughts – while filling her room with wild souvenirs from his exotic world travels. There was the painted wolf skull from Siberia; a jagged, blood-stained rock from Mount Everest; and a faceless voodoo doll from Africa. He whetted her appetite for adventure and convinced her that nothing was beyond her reach. Then, when she was sixteen, he invited her along on his far-flung adventures. To the teenager, Uncle Bob was Superman and James Bond combined. But even as she grew up to realize that he wasn’t really magic, there was something magical about her favorite uncle.

Bob Harris lived life by his own rules, and it took him on great adventures and to the heights of success. Parts of that life were also shrouded in mystery. Now nearing eighty, he reveals his true identity to his beloved Julianna – imparting wisdom, inspiration, strength, and some real surprises, too. Bob’s story is a testament to the power of the American dream – and to his personal passion to live life boldly.


Bob Harris’ life is one of mystery, adventure and countless good fortunes…not the least of which is his relationship with the author, who poignantly chronicles the journey of this enigma of a man.

Mitch Engel

Author of Deadly Virtues, and Noble Windmills


When Julianna finds herself on a luxury yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean, she asks herself once again, who is this mystery man?….The man is her very own Uncle Bob and we get to tag along as Julianna tries to keep up with him on his worldwide travels, while also unraveling the life story of her beloved “cool guy”. Along the way, we discover how this unique man created and re-created himself, and meet the fascinating and important people who become his life-long friends….I loved this heartfelt narrative of self-invention and living the new American Dream.

Susan Burke March, MS, RD, LD/N, CDE

Author of Making Weight Control Second Nature: Living Thin Naturally


Bob Harris is the kind of guy you always want on your side, but rarely find. He’s a surprise package of guts, perseverance and smarts…plus, he’s a little bit wild!

Ted Albrecht, Entrepreneur/Sports Commentator/Former Chicago Bears player


I have such keen memories of this book…when we [Julie and I] worked together at Ragdale.

Anne D. LeClaire

Author of Listening Below the Noise, The Lavender Hour and seven other titles


Bob Harris is a true model of combining work and pleasure. He’s done it!…Sometimes I have followed him, sometimes I have joined him – and I certainly can vouch for him.

Paul Levine, Consultant, Economic Development and Turnaround Management/Former Paper Industry Executive


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